Thadri for Sindhi community is
Cooling the environment…
Resting the cooking stove for a day…

Sindhi community belonging to the Indus valley had to vacate their province. However they have not forgotten the discipline of River which had been their lifeline for centuries together. The discipline was not to be ashamed on any work and always be ready to face the situation. The community has proved itself beyond doubt over the years. Incidentally, Sindhis are also religious to an extent and basically follow the rituals set by the community.

One of the rituals which have a reference to environment which is putting the cooing stove on full rest for a day in an year. Exactly after 7 days after After the festival of Rakshabandhan where it is a galore of tasty and freshly prepared food, Sindhi community goes on to give a full day rest to cooking stove in the home for a day. This is called THADRI.

Thadri means cooling. Here the food is made one day in advance and shared together on Thadri day. The ritual or festival of yesterday’s food savored today is a prayer to the Goddess Yogmaya, considered sister of Bhagwan Shri Krishna and born on this day. It is also said that Thadri is being celebrated as a matter of dedication to the Goddess who saves us from various diseases named Shitaldevi. As the name suggests, she is the one who cares and helps us gain health. For information, we also have a temple of Shitaladevi at Mahim in Mumbai. Someone needs to find whether it has a reference to this unique Sindhi festival. Maharashtrians also celebrate this ritual as “Shili Saptami”whare stale food prepared earlier day is only consumed and the cooking stoves are given rest for a day.

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