General Assembly of the United Nations has 30 articles of Universal human rights Which include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, equality, the right to have healthcare access, adequate living standard, work and education, rights in culture & science and many more.

They apply equally regardless of ethnicity, region, profession, belief, lifestyle, social & economic status, sex, and gender.

Yet millions of women across the world continue to experience discrimination:

Laws and policies prohibit women from equal access to land, property, and housing.

Economic and social discrimination results in fewer and poorer life choices for women, putting barriers to their development & growth.

Gender-based violence affects a minimum of 30% of women globally.

In many parts of the world, women are denied their sexual and reproductive health rights.

More over, some groups of women face compounded forms of discrimination — due to their age, ethnicity, illiteracy, or socioeconomic status — in addition to their gender.

The only way to get rid of such discrimination is to get educated and skilled.

Women hold the capabilities in promoting the well-being of society as they are said to be the foundation of the household and an essential part of the health & social development of families. When a woman is educated and employed; she is not only generating a source of income to sustain livelihoods but is working for the welfare of the society by raising healthier and happier and healthier children for the bright future of humanity.

Primarily within rural communities, women and girls are required to render significant participation in the implementation of household responsibilities. When they have to participate in the management of household responsibilities, then they are normally excluded from participation in public life and other activities. But that phase is surely changing in the modern world. Talks and initiatives on women’s empowerment in the rife 21st century provide women with ample opportunities to excel in whatever field they choose. It is the century of girls and women–to acquire optimal knowledge, to get the freedom to live outside the four walls of a home, to have ample opportunities in excelling in whatever field they choose.

We’ve been praising and taking inspiration from the women who made history in various fields—from astronomy to arts and from sports to medical science – women have smashed the boundaries of patriarchal society. 

Women, belonging to all age groups and backgrounds feel pleasure and contentment when they get involved in various roles that are promoting goodwill and progression of self and the community around them. And to propel this progression, it is of utmost significance for every woman out there to nurture her interest along with obtaining the right skills.

Team of Nudge Passion has churned out some amazing courses and workshops for all the passion-driven women worldwide who are not only life-givers but also magic makers in different fields, all set to create a better world. 


Yoga isn’t just about the various postures but a journey of self-discovery. Yoga has had some feminist history according to research but like many other things, it too was completely forgotten due to the patriarchal takeover of yoga by its gurus. According to history, Yoginis were a strong community by themselves. Different forms of Yoga firstly connect us to our bodies and breath and then take us deeper. We learn to see ourselves more clearly on and off the mat, to witness our thoughts and reactions, and ultimately it guides us to see that we are part of something greater than ourselves, uniting us to our spirituality. All you need to begin practicing yoga is a mat, which you can use in the house or garden, workout clothes, and you are ready for enriching your body and mind with yoga classes online.


From world-renowned Russian Ballet Dancer Anna Pavola to India’s legendary classical choreographer Rukmini Devi Arundale; many artistic women have carved their names on stones when it comes to dancing. Learning different styles of dancing is arguably one of the most amusing hobbies to pick up, and it’s fantastic for upping your physical fitness levels too. Not only is dancing good for your body, but it’s also a great way to improve your mental health.


From benevolent women who are making the world a better place with their language skills to ambitious women who’ve learned multiple languages and show you how to do the same – the world is taking inspiration from them in learning multiple languages. Multiple language learning lets you in the creation and appreciation of cultural awareness, adds academic and educational value, enhances self creativity, brainpower and confidence, and helps in adjustment in society. Nudge Passion rolled out women’s day special workshop on Spanish language learning called – Spanish Super Mujeres workshop urging women to learn a new language so that they can open doors to new career opportunities.


Women are powerful agents of change and the far-reaching benefits of diversity and gender parity in leadership and decision-making. In this day and age, we are seeing women in leading positions in almost every sector. Every day we read quotes based on ‘Boss lady’. That’s not just about women entrepreneurs knowing their capabilities and being financially independent but also walking equally with men – shoulder to shoulder, in mutual growth, solutions and success. Truth be told, women leaders are more transformational than men leaders. They function as a role model for their subordinates. Hence, to thrive in a professional environment has become vital for women to acknowledge business etiquette – which is a set of rules by which you conduct business(es).


Who said homemakers should only be restricted to house chores? Cultivating the earth, planting a seed, watching it grow and then blossom into something beautiful impersonates the spirit of womanhood. It is a glorious similitude to the creation of life that females were born to do.

By aligning with the natural affinity for nurturing and creativity, gardening can be empowering for women. This falls far and wide, whether you have a small shelf to create your kitchen garden, setting up and caring for indoor plants, or landscaping an acre plot for herbs.

The choice varies from woman to woman. The art of planting & gardening has been embraced by women at times when society was dominated by men. In that era, women were on the front foot artistically and intellectually through gardening.

“She walks among the patterned pied brocade,

Each flower her son and every tree her daughter”

– Vita Sackville from ‘The Land’


Picture a bartender in your mind. Can you see him? Does he have a neck tattoo or a bow on his coat? Does he look like a representative member of the drink-mixing establishment?

Well, he’s not. Mainly because today it’s far more likely that the bartender is SHE.

If the world can have leading female lawyers, then why not female mixology experts? Though conventional wisdom and public perception have yet to catch up to the idea of women handling liquor in professional settings, 60% of today’s bartenders are women.

Bartending and mixology as a profession have been associated with only men for a long time worldwide, especially in India but with the acceptance of a growing number of women bartenders in the country, we believe that this is a good time for women to venture into this profession. Cocktail making is on the up now more than ever. To be at the forefront of that, pushing forward the idea of using better ingredients and better recipes to create even better cocktails is something all the women out there who are passionate about mixology should consider learning. You can opt for a good Cocktail Masterclass and study the science and craft behind creating cocktails step-wise.

So ladies, build up a collection of shakers, strainers, in-house syrups, and of course, a stunning margarita glass!


There are more benefits of arts and crafts than just enjoyment, ranging from enhancing self-esteem and increasing brain productivity, to even lessening the effects of serious health conditions. One such amazing but the ignored craft is soap making. Take up a course on soapmaking to learn how to make beautiful, natural handmade soap from scratch, at home, using the ingredients of your choice. This will not only nudge your crafting skills but you can also begin on the soap-making business after learning about it in-depth.

Connecting your aspirations with skills can empower you, as a woman, to achieve your full potential thereby bringing equitable growth in society. Precisely skilled and employed women workforce not only has a generational impact but also has the potential to rewrite the future of the country.

Nudge Passion collaborates with various women entrepreneurs and coaches across the world so that they can come ahead, educate and inspire millions of more women out there. Every woman should dream big, take care of her health, nurture her interests, and have tools to fiercely stand the ground to explore new horizons of success.

Nudge Passion salutes the wonderful spirit of today’s beautiful and strong women who are here to make tomorrow better for all. Happy International Women’s Day!

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