Garden under glass: How terrariums elevate your life and home | Earthoholics | Nudge Passion

Garden under glass: How terrariums elevate your life and home| Earthoholics| Nudge Passion

Whether you are a houseplant and nature enthusiast looking for an indoor solution to your fondness for planting, or a cosmopolitan person interested in green designs, look no further, terrarium – a miniature garden that is self-sustaining is a versatile option for all homes and commercial spaces. Caught in a chaotic, frenzied spiral of the 21st century, rapid urbanization has detached our lives from nature, and terrarium making and decorating our spaces with them can enable us to reconnect with wild outdoors.

Requiring little to no effort for maintenance, terrariums have become a tiny but key part of modern home décor. Being known as ‘indoor gardening container’ and often called as ‘garden under glass’ terrariums can be entirely closed or sometimes partially open to allow airflow.

Even though it is only in recent times people have started adorning this cute concept of keeping nature within reach, terrariums are a part of our lives since 1842 when a British doctor failed to keep his tropical ferns alive in cold weather and so he decided to put them under a glass where the plants began to grow perfectly.  From being an object of curiosity for every gardener to becoming a part of every other home’s part of décor; terrariums have extended their roots beautifully.

How do terrariums serve the dual purpose of beauty and health?

Terrariums are great, not only because they are easy to maintain and make the perfect choice for interiors, but also because they serve various health benefits.

1. Simple to care:

Succulents, violets, moss, and other tropical plants require minimum maintenance which means you don’t have to stress over watering or fertilizing them on a regular basis. They don’t need much time or attention, and all the terrarium plants need are just a bit of moss at the bottom to retain moisture and some indirect sunlight!

2. Produce fresh air:

If you build a terrarium for your home or office space, you will increase the natural capacity of the trees, plants, and soil in your community to absorb harmful greenhouse gases. One of the key benefits have terrariums is that they emit oxygen into the air. Playing a small but vital role in enhancing health including increasing your lung capacity, boosting cognitive ability, and supporting a healthy heart. Moreover, they also filter out formaldehyde and benzene chemicals from the air which are toxic to the home environment.

3. Enhances mental health:

Spending as much time as possible in natural settings is beneficial for cheering up the mood, reduction in the negative effects of stress, enhancement in focus and concentration, and hindering of anxiety attacks; which results in higher productivity, serenity and happiness.

4. Revamps confidence:

Various studies across the Globe states that interaction with nature results in greater feelings of hopefulness and positivity, relaxation and comfort, and a sense of belonging to generate overall satisfaction in life. Even though most of us do not have the privilege to be closer to nature, growing terrariums at home are the best way we can have exposure to natural environments, which revamps positive body image and confidence as a whole.

5. Tiny Forest to beautify any indoor space:

These tiny plants make a perfect decoration for your home or office because terrarium plants are compact. If you are looking to add some greenery into an otherwise dull space, terrariums work magic! They can be placed on corner or center tables, desks, hung on walls and ceilings – the sky’s the limit when it comes to enriching any indoor space. They add uniqueness to the areas which aren’t so spacious.

From sleek polygons to geometric orbs, modern terrariums have evolved into fantastic shapes and sizes, making them not just a part of indoor gardening but elegant lifestyle objects. Terrariums are beautiful, customizable, and work with a variety of decor themes. So what are you waiting for? Excited to get your hands on DIY green gifts by making your own terrarium?

Get on the gardening trend that brings a small yet perfectly formed botanical world into your home. Earthoholics a social enterprise specialized in training and consultancy of edible landscaping and urban gardening brings various courses related to gardening for people across the world, and the Terrarium making workshop is one of them! IIf this blog post has aroused your interest in terrariums, connect with Nudge passion to learn everything from the basics of terrarium making to choosing the right seeds & tools to create these beautiful zen gardens at the comfort of your home.

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