How to do make up under 5 minutes for working women

Don’t we all want to pull off a quick makeup look every morning, which makes us feel awake and keeps us alive and kicking for the rest of the day. But it’s always that we do not have enough time in hand, don’t we? So, here’s a five-minute morning routine we’ve curated just for you, so that you can get out of your house looking gorgeous ever morning without compromising on your priorities (sleep included!).

Step 1: MOISTURIZE. We cannot stress enough the importance of incorporating moisturizers in your everyday routine, which gets us to the first step of our morning routine; which is to use a moisturiser. Choose a moisturizer which suits your skin-type, massage it on your face until your skin feels soft and supple. This step is necessary since it’s the base for the make up your layer on top of your skin. Healthy moisturized skin ensures smooth and flawless make up application and to keep dryness in check, which is so important for every makeup look.

Step 2: CONCEAL. If you have redness, hyperpigmentation, dark spots or dark circles, concealing is the next step for you. Apply a concealer closest to your skin tone over the places you have the above-mentioned flaws (trust me your gorgeous with these flaws as well), blend your concealer in with the help your preferred tool, you can use your fingers as well! Use a water based, non-comedogenic concealer, this won’t clog your pores and are usually light weight, so you’ll not end up getting cakey or feeling heavy and stay comfortable all day long. In case you have flawless skin, you could just go in with a bb cream or a skin tint to even out your complexion or you could completely just skip this step altogether. 

Step 3: POWDER. Once you are done with concealing, use a powder to set everything in place, you can use compact powders or loose powders (people from the dry skin family should stick to loose powders). Use tinted powders all over your face for added coverage.  Pro tip: Avoid powders which have talc as an ingredient in them, since it is a drying agent and can cause long-term damage to your skin if used every day.

Step 4: COLOUR: adding some colour to your face is a must, why? because is adds dimension and freshness to your face and instantly lifts up the look, and the face does not look flat. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks all the way to your temple. In case you choose to use a bronzer, you must use it on the perimeters of the face of a chiselled look.

Pro tip: In case you happen to use liquid or cream products, make sure you use it before you powder your face, i.e; before step 3, otherwise you may move your base if you use it above powder, which is not something you wanna do.

Step 5: EYES AND LIPS. Don’t forget your eyes and your lips, they make or break your look. Choose a lip shade that complements your outfit for the day, if you use a blush then make sure the blush and the lip colour complement each other and your skin undertone. Keep it subtle and stick to neutral shades like nudes, browns, baby pinks and subtle peaches. As for the eyes, stick to one eye product, go for a mascara if you cannot decide, it makes your eyes look more open and you look awake.

Last but not the least;

Step 6: SEAL THE DEAL. All the efforts you’ve put in putting this look together will go in vain if your makeup does not stay put. To seal everything in place with the help of a setting spray, it melts in the makeup together and makes sure that it stays put and you look fresh all day long!

Pro tip: Carry a facial spray in your bag to refresh your face once in a while.

While all these steps sound supremely overwhelming, we promise you that it will take five-minute tops to get this look done before you are ready to step out of your house. And maybe with practice you might take even less than five-minutes. Do give this look a try!

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