Happy New Year | Learn New Skills to Improve Your 2022

On the first day of the new year, as you say “Welcome, 2022!”, you are also wondering what lies ahead?  While that is something only time can answer, we, at present, do know that you can put mental & physical health on top of your resolution list with goals of heading towards a brighter tomorrow.

With all of this time we spent at home in 2020 and most of 2021, most of us have been struggling to separate work from pleasure, and our lives have become one blue light blob of working on a computer and winding down by scrolling through bad news and politically incorrect memes on social media platforms’ timelines. It’s high time we all fresh start another year. If you are looking for ways to ignite your creativity, find a different way to entertain your soul and be intentional with your ‘me’ time, you might want to try picking up a new hobby. A hobby that wouldn’t just pass your time but make you a better person in 2022.

Whenever we make a career or business plan, we imagine the achievable and visualize what will be our gains after completing that set goal. The same goes on the road of sharpening your skills or pulling off health goals. Be it music, dance, yoga painting, learning a new language, make-up, gardening, or cooking.

Our team at Nudge Passion has churned out a list of creative hobbies that you can take up to make 2022 a year full of health, happiness, and success.

Functional training

Speaking of sweating, one thing this pandemic gave us is ample time at home. There is no place that shall be a hurdle when it’s about committing to your fitness.

One important lesson that pandemics taught us is the value of health.

As Mahatma Gandhi stated, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver.”

Make it your daily mantra. For this, you don’t have to head to the gym or bring a bunch of exercise equipment at home. All you need is willpower and focus on being the best version of yourself. Enroll in functional fitness classes online and forget those complicated diet plans and workout routines – Train at ease and your convenience.


Ground your energy from within to create a sense of connection that nothing can shake these 365 days.

Wherever life plants you, find your inner calm by practicing Yoga every day.  Don’t be intimidated by fancy yoga studios and complicated poses. You can opt for online Yoga Classes. Yoga is for everyone!

Calmer mind

Deeper sleep

Boosted energy

Body flexibility

Optimal weight

Improved balance

Are some of the many benefits one gets from different types of Yoga.


Master new recipes with online cooking or baking classes.

If you are new to it, go easy on yourself and learn from cooking/baking experts. If you’re already a pro, branch out and tackle that one recipe you have been eyeing for months. If you ask us, Bao Making is something

Exciting and unique to learn in baking.

A street food popular across the world especially in China and Taiwan, these sweet buns stuffed with vegetables or meat may seem tricky to make, but pâtissiers during the online Bao Making workshop will show you exactly how to make bao at home.

Gift packaging

Gifting is an all-year-long process. Birthday, send-off, anniversary, graduation, wedding, festivals, and special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, valentine’s day, and the list is infinite.

Gifts are the symbol of love and care towards friends and family. Perhaps that’s why the tradition of giving and receiving gifts has persisted throughout the ages.

The best gift boxes have the potential to make gifting remarkable. A beautiful gift box can deliver more joy than a gift in itself.

Learn the art of Trousseau packaging or Luxury gift packaging and impress your friends and family with a modern style of gifting in 2022!


“Every canvas is a journey all its own.”

Channel your inner Picasso and get to painting, my friends. You don’t have to be an artist to pick up a paintbrush and unleash your creativity. Just the right guidance from art experts. Warli painting, meadow landscape painting, oil painting, digital painting; one can pick from a bunch of options when it comes to creating an artistic canvas.

Take the next step on your painting journey, learn about a wide range of painting styles and techniques.


“I believe all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty wonderful” – Bobby Brown.

Leave a lasting impression wherever you head to in 2022 and beyond. Let the world stare twice as you step out in style with striking makeup by honing your skills, learning from makeup professionals. If time and money are an issue, but you still want to learn makeup, a good alternative is an online class. You can learn makeup online nowadays because there are plenty of resources available, and these options are not that expensive.

It’s great to know basic makeup skills, to not only be party-ready but also because getting a makeup artist isn’t an easy and safe task in these unprecedented times.

Terrarium making

A terrarium is a type of indoor garden that can be placed anywhere in your home or office space. You can use terrariums to create a calming atmosphere and provide an attractive decoration for any room. Terrariums are perfect decorative items, not only because they are easy to maintain and provide fresh air but also because they don’t require much sunlight or water. Moreover, they make extremely cute and beneficial gifts as miniature gardens for your loved ones.

Cultivate green hobbies and learn the beautiful art of Terrarium Gardening and care by booking a terrarium workshop with us.

Online learning is rapidly becoming one of the safest, convenient, and cost-effective ways that are bringing the world closer than ever before. As there is no physical interaction, one of the most effective ways to make learners more engaged in what they are doing is to make it interactive. At Nudge Passion, we do just that; ensuring students learn effectively and get the most out of what they are doing.

Acquiring and developing a new skill, no matter what type it is, will never go to waste. It will help you enhance your confidence, peace of mind, career, health, and personal life. This year, make a strong resolution to enrich your life by being mentally and physically fit by developing new skills.

Nudge Passion provides multiple online courses for people across the world backed by experts in each field – which encourage people to make the most of every day and improve their lives. So what are you waiting for? Make this new year truly happy and prosperous by touching new horizons!

Call Us On + 91 8976953728/29 and make 2022, a year of growth and transformation!

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