The cornerstone of every interaction in the professional world is the introduction and your personality as a part of that respective sector. No matter which industry you are in – 3 to 7 seconds is all you have to make that lasting impression. Whether you are interacting with co-workers, supervisors, business partners, clients — speaks to who you are as a person and it can directly influence the trajectory of your success.

Truth be told, there are certain actions and behaviours you just shouldn’t bring with you into a professional workplace. Doing so can have significant negative impacts on one’s professional life. This is where knowing workplace etiquette plays a vital role.

For any business or individual career to flourish and thrive, following basic rules of business etiquette is essential. They are the set of rules that govern the way people interact with one another in a business environment. It is all about presenting oneself with polish and professionalism that demonstrates that other people in the same setting can count on that individual to accomplish the set goals. Those who violate business etiquette are considered offensive, no matter which zone of profession you belong to.

Business etiquette is important because it creates a professional, mutually respectful atmosphere and improves communication, which helps an office serves as a productive place.

Having virtuous manners is not just about saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It is about how you present yourself, how you behave, how you speak, and how you treat others while you are in a professional environment. Nudge Passion has churned out some key benefits of business etiquette and tips for you to follow in the professional world so that you can make a lasting impression throughout your career and success journey.

Etiquette makes people in the working environment comfortable and at ease, it shows that you value and respect others.

  • Promotes kindness, comradeship, and humility

  • Gives the confidence to deal with different situations in life

  • Enhances individual image by eliminating discourteous behaviour

  • Builds better business relationships internally as well as with the company’s clients/customers

  • Creates a professional, mutually respectful atmosphere and improves communication
  • Promotes professional growth

  • Accelerates non-verbal communication

Moreover, abiding by etiquette moralities can eradicate many distractions associated with the workplace, such as chinwag or personality clashes. It also ensures workplace relationships stay professional and that colleagues don’t smudge the line between work and personal life or allow their personal feelings to affect their workplace behavior.

Business etiquette is more about respect than a formality and can have a significant effect on the bottom line.

1. Dress for success:

Sources say that up to 55% of another person’s perception of you is based on how you look, so make the right impression at your interview. Although dressing and grooming appropriately may not get you the job, it will give you a competitive edge and help to make a positive first impression. Wear conservative clothing. Ensure it is clean and you can carry it comfortably throughout the day.

2. Be on time:

Be it your 9 to 5 job or a meeting with a client/business partner, arrive a few minutes earlier to hinder further complications. Arriving early or on given time exhibits your commitment and dedication towards work. Being a ‘flake’ can eventually cause you a big loss in your career as it shows your lack of interest in doing what you are supposed to do. In the professional world, being late doesn’t mean that you’re busier than other people; it just means that you’re inconsiderate.

3. Make people comfortable:

Comfort is what everyone seeks first, be it personal or professional interaction. If you don’t make them feel at ease with your presence, they will not focus on what you have to say or offer, no matter how great that is. Smile, make eye contact, introduce yourself, make a firm handshake which is a crucial sign of mutual respect, address them by their name and use sir/ma’am wherever applicable. Don’t forget to say “It was a pleasure talking to you” and “Have a nice day” during your interaction with others.

4. Follow business card decorum:

Don’t simply hand out business cards to everyone you meet. It’s a bit aggressive unless you are on a sales call! Politely ask for the other person’s card first, offer to exchange cards or at the very least, ask if you can leave your card before you reach in your pocket.

5. Be generous:

Offer your assistance and knowledge whenever someone needs it in a professional environment. This does not only show your overall personality but can also help you reach the ace with open-handedness.

Implementing business etiquette in your company or as an individual all set to face the professional world, will always allow one to put the best foot forward. Proper etiquette requires everyone to interact professionally with one another and to communicate clearly and honestly. For example, managers who interact with employees need not fear making remarks on employees’ outcomes as they guard against casual types of interactions.

Besides knowledge, degrees, and skills; we sometimes forget that the professional world is about people. There is no shortage of competent and reliable minds in the business world and manners can make the difference. At Nudge Passion, we are your global reliable partner when it comes to employee and client engagements, events, and entertainment. We are successfully conducting online business etiquette workshop for youngsters as well as people from various industries.

Connect with us today –  and we will tailor-make a business etiquette workshop to address your company’s specific needs and challenges, methodically and economically!

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