“One language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every door along the way.” “Knowing another language is like becoming another person”. Such well-known statements are truer than ever before in today’s ever-expanding and ever-competitive world. The value of learning a foreign language cannot be overstated, and the reasons for doing so are numerous. The advent of technology has made the world much more connected than it was previously. Every day, many firms throughout the world, particularly those from established countries, enter new markets to expand their company and gain global reach.

Things aren’t changing anytime soon in our hyper-connected, fast-paced world. As our world becomes increasingly connected as a result of technological advancements, it’s becoming clearer that learning another language is advantageous for a myriad of purposes. You can work as a language specialist in you can fit in a variety of roles that need you to communicate with clients, and business partners, and preserve the company’s public image. Whether you’re a student who wants to improve cognitive skills, a homemaker who wants to enrich mental health, a retired person looking to develop brain’s functionality, an entrepreneur who wants to expand business internationally, or an employee who wants to open better career opportunities; bilingualism is becoming a far more necessary skill for everyone who wants to lead a balanced life and keep up with today’s hyper-connected world.

Bilingualism has been linked to greater metalinguistic awareness (the ability to understand language as a system that can be controlled and investigated), as well as greater memory, visual-spatial abilities, and even creativity. Employees who work in a company that wants to expand globally are often required to know at least one foreign language. Whether a company wants to partner with an international corporation, build new offices in another country, or just expand its client base, the capacity to communicate across several languages is becoming an essential part of every business’ success. Foreign language training has grown so significant in the business settings that many experts consider it a key trend for not just huge multinational corporations, but also smaller businesses since foreign-language speakers are rapidly adapting to various communities. 

There are language learning online courses easily available today so that one can access them even from the comfort of a couch after a busy day. We dig a bit deeper into why online language learning will help your firm in this post.

How learning a foreign language can help employees and the business? 

 1. Escalates decision-making skills 

When prompted to decide on a foreign language, people are reluctant to overthink it. Because of the differences between your home language and a foreign language, one is obliged to focus on the subject matter and examine the most relevant parts rather than overthinking.

2. Boosts confidence 

 Aside from being enjoyable, learning a new language allows you to challenge yourself. It makes you realize that you’re capable of far more than you previously believed. It may be tough to get started, but as you establish and achieve goals, your confidence grows. Furthermore, you are aware that you have an advantage over those who only know one language; you are aware that your professional prospects have significantly improved; you are aware that you will be able to appreciate other cultures, communicate with a wider group of people, and enjoy films and music in other languages. All of this will certainly improve your confidence in yourself and your capabilities.

 3. Improves mental health 

 Your brain has to work harder when you speak two languages. It’s a mental workout switching between two languages. This implies that specific parts of your brain grow more efficiently. People who speak two languages have stronger cognitive processes as a result of this. They are better at switching between two things at work, for example, and at resolving conflicts. They also have a stronger memory and concentration than individuals who just know one language. Studies on mental health and multilingualism demonstrate that learning a second language has several significant advantages, like helping you develop mindfulness, enhancing your relationships with people around you, and relieving stress.

4. Augments communication skills 

 Bilingual and multilingual people are not only effective in communicating what they want to say, and they’re also better at knowing the actual and often hidden meaning of what the other person is conveying. People who can converse in more than one language are also excellent at nonverbal communication, according to studies.

 5. Enhances creativity 

 Logical thinking is frequently a prerequisite for creativity. Learning a new language helps to expand your horizons. Distinct languages follow different logical rules and have different grammar structures. Moreover, when learning another language, you will often need to hunt for synonyms and antonyms, particularly when you are uncertain of which term to use in a certain situation. You must construct sentences in such a way that they make sense to a listener, which requires thinking logically. As a result, persons who work in the business sector benefit greatly from learning a foreign language.

 6. Helps one gain a competitive advantage 

 The entire planet has become a global village. Only the most competitive individuals succeed in their quest. Being multilingual is no longer a desirable trait, but rather a necessity. Many Indian graduates and students are increasingly enrolling in foreign language programs. They have realized that in a global employment market, people who are not fluent in one or more foreign languages would be left behind. It is an accomplishment in and of itself to learn something new.

 7. Promotes decision-making abilities

People make better rational decisions when they think in another language, as per psychological studies. We restrict risk-taking because we want to avoid things that might damage us, even when the odds are in our favour. However, language researchers discovered that thinking in another language creates a space that leads to more thoughtful decisions that are less influenced by our emotions.

 8. Simplifies business trips  

 Nowadays, international travel is all too usual when one belongs to the corporate world. Learning a language that is spoken in multiple countries, such as French, Portuguese, or Spanish, will be extremely beneficial to you and anyone accompanying you on your trip – friends, colleagues, and family. Without knowing the local language, even the most basic chores such as ordering meals at a restaurant, asking for directions, purchasing tickets, and other similar activities may become confusing and awkward. Learn Spanish online in interactive sessions conducted by faculty of language experts. 

Knowing multiple languages is crucial for communication. Your brain creates joyful hormones as you advance from being unable to utter a few words to mastering the language and having complete conversations. For any organization, empowering employees with the means to learn a new language can boost their confidence in themselves and their talents, as well as their perspective on their future with the firm. Investing in your employees’ development helps to broaden their experiences and provides you the doors to opportunities like business expansion and setting foot in foreign markets.

 Employees, clients, company culture, and your business; will all benefit from introducing corporate language training to your organization. It’s more than just learning a new language; it’s about building long-term relationships in every element of your business. Nudge Passion in collaboration with language coaches and renowned Foreign Language Academies like Skillingo brings international language courses for individuals and corporates so that every individual can expand their language skills precisely and effortlessly while achieving better things in life. 

 Does your company have offices in a foreign country? When you introduce language learning courses curated by Nudge Passion to your organization, your workers will be able to communicate in a different language(s) and bring multiple benefits to the company, which would not only help them excel in their careers but also help your company in reaching new milestones in this competitive market.  

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